Purposeful Marketing


Build a genuine, deeper connection to

prospective clients so they feel understood.

They’ll want to know more. And you are their answer.

“Irene saved me so much time and money by focusing my marketing efforts into a productive plan for outreach. We created a marketing message that is so unique to me and how I help my clients and their families. It’s sincere and very effective. I brought as many clients in the first 8 months of this year as I did for all of last year.”

Amanda Trigg, Esq. Matrimonial Law

Why Purposeful Marketing?

It’s authentic. It’s powerful.
It means more success for your business.

If you are like most professionals, you love your work but hate to market yourself and you know you have to do something because:

  • You need more clients in order to meet your business goals.
  • You’ve tried all sorts of strategies to get clients or avoid marketing because you are not sure what to do.
  • You’ve worried about coming off sounding too pushy or “salesy”.
  • You wish you had better words (content) in your website, brochures, online, and in-person marketing.

When your marketing brings out your sense of purpose, it’s easier, more natural to use, and IT WORKS!

  • You’ll have the “right words” so people truly understand how you can help them and how they will feel after you do.
  • Prospects will see how meaningful your work is to you and how great that is for them.
  • Your marketing system will be repeatable, easy and consistent.
  • You’ll attract more clients, make more money and enjoy your business again.

When marketing is based on psychology and purpose, you stand out from the crowd and start to build a bond with your prospective clients. It’s a beautiful process. If serving your clients is meaningful and enjoyable to you, I will bring that out in your marketing and it will draw people to you.

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