Marketing Programs

Build a genuine, deeper connection with prospective clients.

Marketing Programs

A purpose driven marketing system to bring in more clients and income than ever before.

You will get:

  • All the building blocks you need for your main marketing message
  • Website copy – home page, services and a “Brilliant Bio”
  • Testimonials and marketing stories– that sell you softly and powerfully
  • Verbal marketing skills and specific scripts- Elevator pitches and casual conversation gems
  • Tag line and title

Bonus:  Video Script Session
Bonus:  Invisible test drive
Bonus:  “Pull it all together” session

The Intangible Benefits:

  • A true understanding of the psychology of buying so you know how to draw in clients in an authentic way.
  • A comfort with marketing – knowing what to say and do to bring in clients.
  • Knowing how to communicate your sense of purpose to your clients in a way that connects them with you.
  • A system – that’s clear, repeatable and easy to use.
  • The skills to use your marketing system and get good results – so marketing becomes part of your comfort zone.
  • More clients and income.
  • The fun and confidence that comes from being successful in work that you love.

Even more intangibles:

The wonderful “spillover effect” – when your marketing and business confidence affects other areas of your life:

  • The openness that comes from knowing you are successful – that feeling of being comfortable in your own skin.
  • The patience and happiness you feel with your children knowing that you are a good role model for them and a good provider.
  • The pure joy of being able to do your purpose and make a good living at it.
  • The “I’m so happy that I get to work on my own terms” in my own business feeling
  • Relief from work worries – better sleep, better self-talk, better life!
  • Etc. etc.

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“I was enjoying my work but I felt stagnant and frustrated knowing I could do so much more. First Irene helped me to reinvigorate my business by aligning it with my purpose and values. Then we worked on my marketing strategy and copywriting for my website, verbal marketing, cards, etc. I loved having the structure and a plan to keep me on track. We are not even finished and I am already starting to get more business. I’m very excited!”

Malka Cohn, Center for Animal Assisted Therapy

“I never thought I could be comfortable marketing myself but Irene’s techniques allow me to do it naturally. We created a marketing toolkit that fits my personality and brings in clients easily. Since working with Irene, I’ve doubled my number of clients.”

Nancy Seeback, Accountant