No More Boring Bios

Make your Bio a Powerful Marketing Tool

Your bio can be a powerful marketing tool if it’s done properly. Instead of a typical boring bio which is basically a resume in paragraph form, your bio is an opportunity to wow your audience with your credentials, your sense of purpose and your passion, drawing people in to want to know more about you. This can lead to powerful connections that turn into business. 

That is anything but boring!

Your bio will set you above your competition and build a connection between you and your prospective clients.

 I will interview you and write your bio for you.  It will show  your potential clients:

•  How great people feel after working with you

  How solving their problem aligns with your deepest sense of purpose or contribution – which is authentic and powerful!

  Why it’s a good idea to hire you – hitting their right and left brain (emotional and logical side) so that people feel comfortable working with you.       

If people have to choose between the boring “brag fest” bio and one that reaches into their mind and heart, you will win the attention of potential customers! 

Call (845) 729-5173 today to set up your interview and in 2 weeks you will have a bio that will be a powerful statement of who you are and what’s it’s like to work with you. Or email 

“I think my bio is great! It was so nice just talking to Irene and having her write it for me. She has tremendous clarity and intuition in understanding people, pulling out the important information, and expressing it effectively.”

Melanie C., Airmont, NY

“I hired Irene to interview my team and write their bios. I really like the way her writing helps to enroll prospective clients in a natural way. I then asked her to write for a client’s financial service team of about 10 people. The bios are so much better than typical bios (which are like a resume in paragraph form – not engaging). Irene was able get to the heart of what motivates each person to excel in their work – I highly recommend her!”

Terry Knight, Knight Creative Services