Irene, Public Speaker

Want more clients? Change your words.

Public Speaking

Dynamic and enlightening talks that will give you practical take-aways to improve your life or business.

“Don’t Believe a Word You Say”

How to get out of your own way and fuel yourself forward. This is a very popular and enlightening talk that teaches people exactly how and why they sabotage themselves, how to break out of negative sabotage cycles, and how to turn that same dynamic around to fuel their success.

People leave feeling validated and  more confidence than when they walked in the door. Talk can applies to both business and personal life success. 60 minutes includes an exercise.


“Put a Little Purpose in Your Life” 

Purpose is the fastest and most powerful way to bring new life to your life. You will learn what purpose is and what it is not, how to uncover it, and practical ways to bring this into your work and personal life. Most people have heard about purpose in a general way. This talk is refreshing in that it describes purpose in detail and gives people a way to proceed if they want to explore their purpose in a deeper way. Can be adapted to 30-60 minutes

“Uncover Your Calling and Create an Amazing Life” Workshop

An interactive workshop where participants not only learn about purpose as in the above talk, but have the opportunity to do an exercise that will help them uncover clues to their own purpose.  21/2 hours


Speaking: “Want More Clients?  Change Your Words!”

Learn about the common marketing pitfalls that keep professionals from enrolling the number of clients they want and how to avoid them. You will understand how to use purpose and psychology in marketing to enroll clients in a genuine and powerful way.

“Irene is inspired! She always hits all the appropriate things to consider. I feel excited and creative when I talk to her.”

Judi Barbera

“A good speaker – she kept the audience fully engaged.”

Alyssa L.

“Instead of being just a ‘talking head,’ Irene engages the audience, giving them a workshop where they participate in an exercise and discover the lessons on their own. She provides real value so that the participants are able to actualize solutions that she teaches. They really enjoy her way of presenting.”

Michael Dolce, Creative & Technical Consultant

“Irene understands what we all face when it comes to mental blocks regarding marketing and offers practical and powerful solutions to break through those hurdles.”

Mish S.